Friday, June 30, 2006

Checking in

We are getting bad about updating I guess. It's been a week since our last post. So here are a few updates.

Gloria is 5 weeks old today. She's still adorable. She is beginning to coo and loves to look at her siblings when they come over to kiss her or talk to her. She also loves to watch the mobile in her crib when the bears spin around and the music plays. Occasionally she takes good naps during the day and I can get something done besides nursing a baby. She's over 10 lbs now so I guess I'm doing a good job nursing her.

Still no glasses. I've torn the house apart. We've been through every room thoroughly and even have moved furniture and such. Nothing. I've prayed and received no answer. It's rather discouraging. The 4th is coming up soon and I'm still hopeful that we'll find them.

And we have ants. They are taking over the house. I don't think we're blameless because sometimes a mess gets missed when we clean. We don't see it but the ants do. This is getting really bad though. They are getting into sealed containers. They've gotten into rubbermaid containers that were sealed tightly. They've gotten into sealed plastic wrappers that food comes in. I've tried natural repellants, baits, and ant spray that was supposed to keep them away for up to 12 weeks. I don't think it even worked for 12 minutes. It makes me very anxious for the new house to get built.

And on that note, Roger, Stephen and Mitchell went out and cleared some ground for the new house today. Roger has put tons of time into studying and planning and now finally some muscle gets to go into the house. It's very exciting for us! Here's a picture of the future house. It's not much yet. ;-) This is from the north looking at what will be the back of the house/barn.

We also have a new puppy. Stephen, Gloria, and I were at the local grocery store when Gloria was about a week old. So this isn't super new news. We came home with a puppy. There was a lady out there desperate to give away an Australian cowdog puppy. So we helped her out. Here's a picture of Clark with Lucy.

That's our news this week.


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