Monday, June 12, 2006

Fudd, Elmer Fudd

Weird day. Stephen went out to the far barn to get a hockey helmet (a story for another day) and got himself stalked by a bobcat. Really. So, when I got home today the two of us went out to hunt down the predator. Why? Well, because it will kill our chickens and sheep if left to its own devices. The problem is that these things have huge territories, we have no idea what we are doing and it was pretty dadgum hot out there this afternoon. So, we came back with a dead rabbit. It was kind enough to stand still long enough for me to shoot it a couple times, the second time fatally. Wabbits awe not always cwafty cweatures.

We are still trying to figure out the new house. Looks like we might build a pole barn and then build a house underneath it. The underground round house made from sand bags is a goner now. Papercrete - a paper pulp building material - looks like a frontrunner as well as the rocks on the property and the cordwood idea that Melissa still likes a lot. I think cordwood looks like a load of work, a big load of work. Melissa thinks it looks neat and points out that the mesquite trees are free and we are poor. Hmmmm. Could be done afterall.

One final note - GO MAVS!


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