Saturday, July 29, 2006

Abraham Blog

Today is the second best day of Faith’s life - ever. She not only has a horse, but out neighbor, Terrie, took Faith along with her when she went to do her job, which is taking care of horses. A little while ago Faith informed me, in very precise language, that she was “Going out to take care of MY horse, now.” She spends a morning working with our neighbor and it appears is now ready to train thoroughbreds for the Derby. She is being very patient at this point and seems to realize that it will be several weeks before she can ride him as he is very week.

Abraham is the name of Faith’s horse. Houston was his name when we got him, but she decided to follow a Nelson family naming protocol for freely received farm animals. Back in November we were given, on the promise of payment when she sold, a black baldie heifer. We named that cow Sarah as Sarah was the mother of God’s chosen people. The first of many. That same idea is behind the Abraham name. His descendants were to be more numerous than the stars. We’d love to have a couple more horses, so we are aiming high.
This is Abraham. He is still in pretty sad shape even though we have been feeding him for a whole day now. He should be all healed by tomorrow. No, I am not that dumb. Our neighbor, Terrie, and Faith gave him a shower this morning. Used some medicated shampoo to take care of the ‘rain rot’ along his spine. His food is a mixed up watered down blend of Senior Horse feed and alfalfa pellets. It smells pretty good but looks like a badly neglected pond.

This is a picture of Abraham neighing at Melissa while she took the picture.

Abraham and Sarah
Here is Abraham with Sarah nuzzling up to him.


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