Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bad week, but not in a good way

This last week was the toughest for us since we moved a year ago, but very little of what was tough about the week had anything to do with farming. A week ago Thursday hospice was called in for my mother as she was finally reaching the end of her Alzheimer’s journey. I went to Dallas Friday and came back late Saturday night. We did Children’s church Sunday morning and got ready for vacation bible school to start on Monday.

Monday came and VBS went pretty well. Mom passed away Monday afternoon, about the same time that I was in a meeting about an economic development venture. Then, Monday evening, I found out one more plum tree was dead in the orchard and later in the evening one of our lambs died from what appeared to be bloat. We were off to a roaring start. All week we worked until late into the night (or early in the morning) on VBS stuff, in addition to Mom’s death stuff, farm stuff and job stuff. On Friday we hustled butt home from VBS, cleaned up and sprinted to Dallas for visitation and then the funeral the nest morning. The service was performed by an old family friend that is, perhaps, one of the best preachers and ministers I have ever been fortunate enough to know. It went very well.

Then it was back to town so that we could do our VBS wrap-up for church and serve spaghetti as a part of a Juniors’ Camp fund raiser. I took a long nap this afternoon and Melissa went shopping with some friends. It sure is nice to be out here in the country where life runs at a slower pace. I am learning that the reason things take longer to happen out in the rural areas is because there aren’t as many people to make them happen quickly. Everybody is every bit as busy as city folks, we just have to do it all our selves. This is fine as the trade off is that I do not have to deal with long commutes to work, neighbors right on the other side of the fence and smog.

I will get more stuff in this week than last, not hard to beat out last week’s posts, all none of them. Or, I could my favorite new word, in a sentence no less. “I posted to the blog exactly nonce last week.” Nonce is actually a word that means “for the present time” but I am using in it an manner found in no other place than my own dictionary here at home where we feel free to add new listings all the time. Nonce [nunss] – a singular event that has happened no times. “It only happened nonce.” Use it for yourself and set a new trend.



Heidi said...

Prayers being sent!

Audrey said...

There just seem to be weeks like that huh? I will be praying for you and my condolenses on your mothers passing.