Friday, July 28, 2006

Faith Nelson, Horse Owner

If you track back on our little blog to May 23rd there is the story of three horses that showed up one morning as we ate breakfast. The blog begins with how Faith’s prayers were answered, but that was all tongue in cheek as the horses were our neighbor’s and we could not keep them. Melissa told the horses’ owner, Terrie, how Faith had been praying for a horse and we had teased her that she needed to be more specific about praying for a horse she could keep. Terrie took this as a personal challenge and put the word out to her contacts that she was looking for a horse for a little girl and the price had to be right – right at $0 to be precise. On Wednesday she rang the doorbell and asked to speak to me. Turns out that one of her contacts had come across a 22 year old gelding that its owner was willing to give away. That horse, Houston, is now in our stanchion.

Terrie said that Houston was a little poor looking and when she got there she let me know that he was a lot poorer than she had expected. We know squat about horses and he looked bad to us. At the same time, he will be a great classroom for all of us as we figure out how to deal with horses. We now know squat plus one about cattle and squat plus a half about sheep, so we just have a new mammal to learn about. Thankfully he is a ruminant, just like the cows and the sheep, so we already know a bit about his digestive system.

Houston is a good sized horse, I do not know about ‘hands’ as a measurement, but I can tell you that he is about 5’4” at the shoulders. Very, very skinny though and in need of some cleaning up. Tomorrow he’ll get a bath and a brushing and we will get some fattening up food in him. In the mean time, we have a new set of friends in Terrie and George and will be providing them with milk from now until the end of time.

We will have a picture or two of Houston tomorrow and I would bet that Melissa will have an insightful, thoughtful post about all this. If you are counting on me for deep, you have made a terrible mistake.



Anonymous said...

God is so GOOD, especially to our kids!!! Welcome to your new addition.
Ann Gregory

Dawn said...

A "hand" is 4 inches. So Houston would be about 16 hands based on your measurements.

Karen of TX said...

Sorry, not a ruminant. That would be an animal with four stomach compartments, like cows, sheep, goats, camels (there's a new addition for you! Think about it.) Horses are monogastric and rely on their large cecums to digest their food (hindgut fermenters). Thus, they're more like rabbits than cows.

I looked around and this looks like a good all-around website: Good luck!