Wednesday, July 12, 2006

%#&@*~@^# HOUSE

Stinking piece of crap house planning. We were looking at round, but it got way too much troublesome so we went to steel roof over a stone/cordwood house. Ordered the roof, rented a backhoe and dug footings and did some leveling and then the roof fell in. Turns out they blew the estimate and when they recalculated what we were to pay it was $1000 more than we were planning to pay. Now we are back to square one, sort of. Still going to use the rocks. Still going to build a house. Still going to pour concrete. Just not sure what the thing will look like or anything.

On the bright side, I have not hurt myself in over a month.


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rcsnickers said...

Got yor blog from MOMYS! Sorry for the roof falling in. Do you have a house plan? Are you just starting to build? We built our own home and my BIL just finished building their house! Took a year to finish it. Would love to see your house plan -- always interesting esp for 9 children. Good luck. God makes everything work out! oh yeah -- since you homebirth, did you make your master bedroom homebirth efficient? would love to hear your ideas!

Letisha Reese