Sunday, July 09, 2006

Insect Observations

I've had a lot of opportunity to observe insects lately and thought I'd share a few things I've observed.

Ants like warmth. They seem to cluster around the stove/oven after it's been on. I kept thinking they'd go away while I was cooking because it would get hot, but they seem to increase their numbers instead.

We'd noticed the kids get grouchy when the house reaches 86, but they're fine when it's 85. So we set the a/c to 85. Well, it never kicks on until it hits 87. Finally the other day I turned it down to 83 and it kicks on at 85. The ants don't seem to like it cool. They've been gone for several days. But we just got home from church and there were a lot of ants in the kitchen. It got hot while we were gone. So I guess we like it under 85, but the ants like it over 85.

Ants don't like any brand of poisoned bait.

Wasps like milk and honey scented soap. I've had a bathing buddy for the last week. I don't know if it's the same one, but there's been a wasp (or some wasp-like creature. maybe a mud dauber or yellow jacket. It has a wasp shaped body and it's black and yellow. . .) in the bathroom with me every morning when I take my bath. I just ignore it and it ignores me. But today I used a different soap than I've been using. I grabbed the milk and honey scented bottle today. I poured some in my hand and right then this wasp comes buzzing down at me. It kept coming at me for the rest of my bath. As soon as I was dressed, I went to get Stephen to kill it. So I guess tomorrow I'll get to find out if there's a new one in there.

Ants can be useful. Have you ever woken up at night and seen a bug in the bathroom? I'll kill it and sometimes leave it till morning because I don't want to get all grossed out in the middle of the night. Then in the morning it's gone. I thought someone else was cleaning them up or there were Dead Bug Fairies that did it for me. Well, a couple weeks ago I caught the Dead Bug Fairies in the act. They were ants! They were coming and taking away the dead bug bit by bit. We're hoping that's where the dead spider from last night disappeared to. Either that or it was just playing dead. Creepy thought, huh?

Wolf spiders can get as big as my hand. Enough said about that. I'd rather not think about it.

Have you heard you're never more than a few feet away from a spider? I believe it now.

Also it seems the ants carried away the broken glasses. Maybe it looked like a pair of magnifying glasses and they thought my kids were going to use them to burn ants. So they carried them off and hid them away. Or maybe they looked like dead bugs and the ants were trying to be useful to thank us for all the food we "provided" for them. All we really know is the glasses are gone and many ants hang out where we saw them last.


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