Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Relax and enjoy, it's the 4th of July

Good morning! We are headed out to my in-laws today. The weather here is very nice, unseasonably mild would be a good description and my look at the Granbury forecast tells me it is even milder there. So, the swimming we had planned to do is looking iffy. This may turn out to be the 4th of July when we didn't do anything. We were going to go to the big fireworks display that a gentleman in the county puts on for the community each year, but the kids aced themselves out of that. You know how you tell your kids if they don't behave you're going to pull the car over and then they'll be sorry? Usually they respond to this. Not Saturday. It was one of those days where everyone went bad and they called our bluff. We don't bluff. I love fireworks and the kids knew that, but we had to stick to it with them. No fireworks, probably no swimming. Bummer.

On a positive note, the plans for the house are firmed up and we are at work. There is a picture of the site from last week when it was cleared of trees. Over the weekend I rented a backhoe and it is stripped clean with the trench for the foundation's footings dug. We will try to get a picture up later as we are going to work hard to document this process all the way through as we plan to live in this house the next 50 or so years.

The roof is a metal building roof and has been ordered. The walls will be a mixture of rock from our property and what ever other property we can get them from and cordwood. The cordwood idea just wouldn't go away and I kept thinking it would be a big pain in the rear until we finally peeled off some bark and it was pretty easy. So we are using that upstairs. The cost of the exterior of the house will be the mortar and that's it.

We had developed round house plans as this is the most efficient way to build a space, but it is also a bear when you get to things like joist layout and building curved interior walls and doing a roof that is shaped those umbrellas you get in drinks at Trader Vic's. The house will be a combination house and barn. When I was in Switzerland I got to have lunch at a dairy farm and they lived in a house/barn. I always thought that was a great deal and now we will do that for ourselves.

Insert your own "raised in a barn" joke here.


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Anonymous said...

My sister was telling me that they are building a church camp, and the buildings will be made with a machine that makes blocks, larger than bricks, but smaller than concrete blocks. They might have to add something, depending on the packability of the dirt they have. They are building the camp in Banquette, Texas, on the Agua Dulce Creek. They are going to turn the blocks sideways, instead of horizontal, making the walls 10 inches thick. She said this has a better R value over concrete or adobe. They bought their macine used for $9,000. Maybe you could rent one. Lynn from Horizons and the Tea.