Thursday, August 03, 2006

General Farm Ramblings

Faith learned today that even though you have walked and walked and walked around the property, you don’t necessarily always find the animal you are looking for. Poor girl walked around for the better part of 45 minutes looking for Abraham and as she was coming in I was headed out to help her and saw him, through the trees, and shouted for her to follow. She followed, trusting that it was not a joke, and finally saw him when she got to within about 15 feet of him.

I have the same trouble trying to find the cow sometimes and this morning was one of those times. Bella comes to the gate every morning to be let in and milked, but this morning I had to sleep in and she came to the gate and left. After walking around looking for her, Stephen got in the truck and drove me out to help with getting her. As we drove out to the tank, the truck starts to veer into and field and as I am shouting to Stephen I see why he is veering, there is Bella standing in the middle of the path. She was a pain in the butt the whole time we milked.

The drought continues and we have almost no green grass anywhere. Out by the stock tank and in the channel leading up to it is still good, but while helping Faith bring the horse back I got a good look at it and even this grass is beginning to fade out. There is a slight chance for rain in tonight’s forecast. We need to get Miracle Maker Faith to pray for rain.


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