Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gotta Cut Loose

I went to a conference this past week on energy. Out here in West Texas energy has long been THE industry. From oil to wind we are the place. The talk at the meeting was all about the diminishing supply of oil and gas because the rest of the world is beginning to catch up with us.

The big picture is that we are going to be huring for the next 30 years. In that time oil will be all over the map in terms of prices and we will be living in a time of great discoveries and hopes for future energy supplies. We will also be living in a time of indecision as businesses try to determine which energy source to bet the farm on. Similar to the choice 100 years ago between alternating current and direct current. Wind is big right now, nuclear is coming along again and coal could be in the picture. For this of us in the rural parts of America things like bio-fuels provide us with the potential to revive small towns and rejuvinate a great way of life.

The small picture is that we are giving things like solar power, passive solar heating, convection cooling, wood stoves and wood furnaces a good hard look as we go down yet another rabbit hole trying to figure out the house. For example, we are going to explore the idea of using the earth's mass to cool our house by burying a 4" pipeline that will run for 100' or at a depth of 6' into the house. The air will come out of the pipe at about 60 degrees. Plenty good to cool the house in the summer. At least in theory. So we will see about putting theory to work.

Gotta go watch a movie now. Melissa checked Footloose out at the library and we are going to watch it with the oldest three kids so they can see big hair and parachute pants.


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Audrey said...

Yes, Yes, Yes. I read about that online and even printed out the article and layout scheme for my husband. Needless to say he is never as excited and adventurous about stuff as I am. I see free cool air, he sees lots of digging and a mud ridden back yard. Sigh