Friday, August 18, 2006

Lost Tooth

Clark, 6, lost his first tooth yesterday. And he really lost it. He was eating tortilla chips when he realized it was no longer in his mouth. I'm thankful he's potty trained and I won't have to see it again. He got his two quarters anyway.

And here's a pic that's not so cute. Isabella before her stitches.


Jeff C said...

Yikes! Good day for Clark, bad day for Isabella! Good to hear she's going to be OK, though.

First visit, first comment. The Lord is doing an amazing new work in our family (Dad, Mom and 7 olive shoots!)that looks like it will result in a situation similar to yours: out of town, out of the ratrace, and into full dependence on Father. We'll keep tabs on your blog for continued encouragement!

heather sanders said...

Hey, at least he lost his OWN tooth. My husband was helping my middle one (now 6) with her first tooth and dropped it down the sink. She too received her monies, but no tooth. :(

So, did the first pit bull make it? That is one dog that isn't fit to be had.

The Nelsons said...

The first dog, the one we saw at the vet's office, is alive. The second dog has not shown up at the vet's, which probably means it is dead. The second one is the one that was latched on and I am hopeful that it is dead.