Monday, September 25, 2006

Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!

We have a Bob the Builder fan here. Sam is always singing those words--followed by "Um, I think so." That's me -- the "Um, I think so" part. Even with sewing I prefer to start from scratch rather than fix things. I don't know much about tools either so when things break I'm kinda lost.

But I've discovered duct tape and was feeling, well, odd about how I'm turning to that sticky stuff more and more often. Just this morning I was fixing something with it and wasn't sure if that means I've completely turned redneck or what. Yet I'm proud of myself that things are getting "fixed" rather than thrown out.

Then Claire came in to tell me she'd made Sam a new shoe. She'd measured his foot and wrapped sticks with black duct tape, then added a strap across the top like a sandal. It didn't fit him and she could see what she'd done wrong. Then I put them on Gloria. They kind of fit, but fell right off. Again, she noticed a problem in her design. Next thing I know, here come Claire and Joy with Joy's new pair of sandals. Made of sticks and duct tape. I guess we'll have to find out more about the scholarship contest where you make your prom dress with duct tape.
Joy wearing duct tape sandals

Claire and her creations
Here are pictures of Joy with her shoes on and Claire holding all the shoes she's made. The one in her left hand was her first attempt and the pair in her right hand is the pair Joy is wearing in the other picture. Not bad for an 8 yr old, huh?

Oh, and just for the record. A few entries ago, Roger blogged about some strange words used in our house. While it is true that Roger and the kids say "buk buk tooey" today (and very loudly I might add) the actual word Stephen used when trying to say Timbuktu was "Bukuptoo." Roger tells me he's right and I'm wrong because his way is in the blog. But I KNOW I'm right, of course, so I had to get it in the blog to make it official. I may forget a lot of stuff, but I can still hear that sweet little voice from 14 yrs ago saying "bukuptoo!" It was so cute! Some things a mother never forgets. ;-)


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