Friday, September 01, 2006

I ate roseypuckets on my way to Bukbuktooey with Bouvey Couvey

One of the things we collect, aside from children (and we almost have a complete set), is weird little mispronounced words. In the Dr. Seuss classic “Hop on Pop” there is an exchange where it is noted that Dad can read big words like Constantinople and Timbuktu. Stephen loved that part of the book and would say it along with us, except for Timbuktu, which came out as Bukbuktooey. A couple of months ago the kids created a new game – Nelsonball – as a school assignment. It is actually pretty fun. It is a cross between basketball, soccer and rugby. Two teams play and while the personnel would change from game to game, the team names remained the same – one was Bukbuktooey and the other was BouveyCouveywalk, which is a way of walking that is quite silly. It is named after a fictional French exchange student I knew named Bouvye Couvey, who walked funny. Whenever we saw him coming we would imitate him with a BouveyCouveywalk. There was a point to the story the first time I told it to the girls but it is lost in the haze of other Dadisms and the point will not be coming back for many more years.

One of our favorite meals is zsuzsa. Its just what we call a couple of cans of vegeall (a great name all on its own), a pound of ground beef or venison, some bullion cubes, tomotoes and noodles. Faith named this dish. She earned this honor by being one of the two cooks that first invented it. The other cook was Melissa and she magnanimously gave Faith the naming opportunity. Zsuzsa is in the Nelson Family Cook Book, it is on the last page as the cookbook is arranged alphabetically and we don’t eat zucchini. Zsuzsa is also available to the general public now as it is a recipe Melissa submitted to the MOMY’s (Mothers of Many Young Siblings) list for their cook book. If you would like to buy a copy, please go here before September 11.

Another favorite of ours is roseypuckets. When Faith was a very young little girl she loved peanuts. In particular she loved a whole, shelled peanut. It could not be split and it still had to have the little bitty piece that sits between the two halves and seems to keep them together. If the peanut met those criteria, it was a roseypucket.

Tonight we add another word to the list that Joy has brought to us. It is chinchinlada. While it will make a great team name for Nelsonball, it is also possible it will be a food name as it is her way of saying chicken enchilada.

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heather sanders said...

We really like chinchinladas too. :) In fact, we had chinchinladas last night and I'm not lying when I say my 3 year old says something very similar.

We have 'scup' - which is 'surprise cup'. My kids make this when they want to snack, but can't figure out what. They get a cup and start adding ingredients like peanut butter, honey, marshmellows ... and it is 'scup'.