Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Prime of Life (43 is a prime number, right?)

I’ve never been a big fan of my birthdays, even when I was younger I just did not care all that much. Not sure why, just know it’s the case. Today was my 43rd birthday. Last Saturday we were at my in-laws and my mother-in-law (hey, Carole, how you doing?) had read the blog about the dogs attacking Bella and she bought me a thermos. That blog was titled something like ‘for my birthday I’d like a thermos’ because I never really got to drink the coffee I made that morning. Anyway, she remembered that and got me a way cool thermos. (Now that I am 43 the things that are cool are very different from when I was younger.)

Today my family gave me my gift, a thermal, 23 ounce coffee cup. It even has a no spill lid. Now, when I go out to chase murderous pit bulls across the county I can take a sip of java and shoot at the dogs without spilling! Again, way cool.

My kids have been telling me the last few minutes here how glad they are that I was born. Grace put together that without me she wouldn’t exist, but the rest, I think, are just glad about my birth because they got to have dump cake this evening. Melissa told me she was glad I was born and I am thinking that with her it does go back to the dump cake.

Today was a good day all the way around. Not only did I get new thermal beverage holders, but my oldest son has secured a J-O-B at Best Fried Chicken. He will start tomorrow evening. This just proves he will do anything he can to get out of milking the cow.

Someone, and I have my suspicions who, called the radio station in town and my birthday was broadcast all over town. I have been working with some folks on a slogan for Coleman that does not involve hunting or fishing and perhaps it should be “Coleman – where everybody knows your birthday!” Then again, maybe not.



Heather Sanders said...

Now that I am 43 the things that are cool are very different from when I was younger.

Happy Birthday - and hey, what's wrong with hunting and fishing slogans? Are there many city boys in that neck of the woods that would object?

Betsy said...

Welcome to 43! Happy birthday! I like 43 just fine! Congrats to Stephen! Jackie turned 54 today, so you nearly share a birthday!

Audrey said...

Happy B-lated birthday!!
I'll catch up to ya in, oh...13 years. LOL


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Roger!