Friday, October 20, 2006

Go Cardinals! (Nothing to do with the post, just wanted to get a shout out for the Cards)

Melissa went to Granbury for a cheap vacation. She and her mom are doing fabric shopping and things like that. I am so very glad to have not gone on that trip. The kids and I went on a trip of our own to the Library. There is a renovation/expansion underway at the Library and I have made some meetings on it. We have a great collection of historic Texas documents and I am thinking that the Library could use those to bring folks to Coleman. A neighboring town, Cross Plains, does that with some Conan the Barbarian manuscripts – I forgot the name of the writer, but he lived in Cross Plains for a while, so they got his stuff. Talk about a niche, they put on a literary seminar every year on Conan the Barbarian. Go for it.

Anyway, I raided the freezer for the last of the steaks and back strap and we had a nice dinner this evening. We ate until we could not eat anymore and then we got in the truck and drove like crazy all over the property. We can’t afford Six Flags tickets for 11, nor do any of us have the patience to wait in line all day for a stinking three minute ride, so loading everyone up in bed of the truck gives the kids a 10 to 15 minute ride and I get to see how the cow is doing. She still has some milk in her, so the calf stays put.

It is 10 p.m. and I just realized that I forgot to do the Bible reading part of school this morning with the kids. Hmmm, do I wake them up? No, because none of them are asleep. Being one of five girls means everynight is a slumber party. The boys are not as annoying as the girls on this one but it isn't because they are asleep, its because they talk lower and their room is further away.

When Melissa is gone there is no one to police the police, so I have eaten a gob of piƱata candy today. More like a gob right after dinner. The DOTS are gone and the Tootsie-Rolls are fewer than before. I am trying to eat better, just not all that hard. Speaking of eating right, I learned today that powdered sugar is also known as confectioners’ sugar. Did you already know that? Good for you. Can you tell me when you learned they were same? I can, it was October 20, 2006 and I now have a permament record of this discovery.


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Dawn said...

Have you found the horse? LOL

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