Monday, October 02, 2006

Little Clay People

Our daughter, Faith, has artistic talent. The girl can create something out of anything. Well, I guess most kids can, but we usually call it a mess! But Faith is one of those people who makes something beautiful out of just about anything.

A while back she started making little clay people to play with. Well, now she is baking them and selling them.

So my post today is just a shameless plug for her new website where you can order little clay people. They would make great gifts and Christmas is just around the corner. . .

Go to and order soon before she gets so busy she realizes she needs to raise her prices!



Karen of TX said...

Too cute!

I have a suggestion; in her spare time (!) she could make Bible figures and sell them in sets: a Nativity, Adam & Eve, that sort of thing. That would be cute!

Audrey said...

Very cute! She is one talented girl!