Friday, October 06, 2006

Not much of anything, a little of everything, lots of rambling

It's almost the end of a two week school break. I love those breaks. I can get things done that I otherwise don't have time to do. So looking back over the last two weeks, what have I accomplished?

We started some pinatas. That's all, just started. Maybe we'll get them done when we start school again. I can call it art. We need pinatas for Children's church. The kids have a verse to memorize each week. Whoever knows their verse gets a swing at the pinata.

I've finished Faith's website, but already blogged about that. That was an accomplishment though.

I sold some stuff on Ebay. Not very successfully I might add. I spent most of one day taking pictures and describing the stuff. Then I spent most of the day the auctions ended answering questions and closing out the auctions. I got everything shipped except for the one item that isn't yet paid for. Between ebay fees, paypal fees and small closing bids, I made about $15 for 2 days work. How do people make a living doing this?!? On some of the auctions I actually lost money because the closing bid was lower than the ebay and paypal fees. I guess I'm not very good at this ebay selling.

I spent an afternoon baking bread so the kids could take it to shut-ins as an outreach activity at church. But then I took too long getting it done and it wasn't ready in time. On the bright side, we have plenty of bread to eat now.

I've made several slings this week and they actually look really good. They are denim and I'm using the heavy duty thread that's kind of a brown color that jeans are often made with. Then the selvage edges are frayed looking and I've left them on pockets and one of the edges. Very cool looking. I need to take pics for Sew Many Children, but haven't gotten that accomplished yet.

I spent some time preparing for a talk about healthy living. I think that went well. The ladies I spoke to actually listened and seemed interested. Either they were really polite or they really enjoyed it. I am still amazed that after all these years of my family rolling their eyes at me when I talk about eating right, someone actually WANTED me to talk about it. And even more amazing is that I never really felt nervous.

I've read a gazillion books to Sam and Gloria. Sam LOVES that I've had more time to read to him. Gloria thinks the corners of the books taste good. Joy listens a lot, too. Clark brings me books that are hard for me to read. They have lots of words on the pages and I tend to fall asleep if I sit still too long without turning pages. Is that Attention Deficit Disorder or Sleep Deprivation? Or maybe a bit of both.

I've spent oodles of time nursing a baby. Growth spurt? I don't know. But she's nursing frequently and it's okay. When she's not nursing she really is getting to be sooo much fun! Whenever she sees me she squeals with delight and wiggles like she's doing a happy dance. I just love being a mom! Then Sam will come up and just out of the blue say, "I wub you Mom." He's my buddy these days and I really should take advantage of that and potty train him. But it's just not happenin'. I've started a few times, but after changing his underwear and wiping up the floor a bunch I just quit. Someday soon I'll get tired of diapers enough that I'll be motivated enough. My experience is that the child never gets potty trained until *I* am fed up enough with the diapers.

Oh,yeah, I also started to sort through clothes to see what is needed for winter and what doesn't fit anymore. That job gets bigger every year. The kids get bigger, we have more of them. . . So now I have piles of future hand-me-downs to get out to the barn. We have a few things that we'd like to get rid of--older kids never wore them and younger kids say no way, but forget ebay!!

I still have quite a list of things to get done and tomorrow and the weekend are the end of our break. I guess that's life though. So much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.


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