Sunday, November 05, 2006

Abraham Update

Faith kissing Abraham
My mom came to visit today. Being a horse lover, she wanted to see Abraham. She brought him some sugar cubes to try to "buy" his love. It didn't work. He wanted nothing to do with it. Faith stuck it in his mouth and he spit it out! But after a few tries he finally ate it. Poor thing. He's been trying to eat right and be healthy, but we forced it on him.

Scout, on the other hand, tasted the sugar and wouldn't leave my mother alone. She has a new best friend.

Scout wanting more sugar

I don't get out to see the horse very often, but since Faith brought him to the front yard I went out to see him. Wow! He is looking so much better.

Getting better!

After forcefeeding him a sugar cube, Faith started braiding his mane. After several braids were done, I watched his eyes start to close. I guess he enjoyed getting his mane braided because he was falling asleep!


Other news: Gloria got her first two teeth. Mitchell has a contract with a literary agent (pray they find a publisher soon--he's already finished another book!) We're all healthy in spite of a rough allergy season.

We'll try to post more regularly, but we just seem to be busy. I sure loved that extra hour last week!



Dawn said...

Glad you found the horse. He is looking better. Did Faith get to ride him? Now another question, a while back you posted 867-5309 as the title to a post. I don't get it. Would you please explain? Thanks :)

Betsy said...

I can't believe Gloria has two teeth already! Wow! Time flies!