Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fencing and Bees

Today we did some fencing. Almost. Except that the Africanized bees decided to get in the way. As I sat at my computer, Dad walked in and announced that we would be working on the fence along the road. So Stephen and I followed him blindly, like the good little sons that we are.

On the way out to the place we would begin at, Dad mentioned the bees. I had forgotten them until that point, but he assured us that there were no bees still in their old hive. He claimed that he’d banged on it with a stick a few times, but there were no witnesses. It’s fully possible that no stick banged on that vent at all. Regardless, we believed him that there were no bees remaining—for the time being, anyway.

So there we were, standing around the vent thing with a loop of goat-fence leaning on it. Dad reached out and lifted it up from the top. I’m not sure if he actually saw the hive or not, that will require further research. Stephen and I, however, had a perfect view of it. The hive itself stayed on the ground, because it was not actually attached to the vent.

“Wow, that’s big,” Stephen said.

Something didn’t look quite right about it to me. All the little tannish black sort of things on it were moving, for example. And then it started buzzing. Do beehives do that normally? I wasn’t really sure, because I’ve never even mentioned a bee in my book. But Stephen decided that it wasn’t right, and he spoke up again.

“Holy crap! there are still bees in there!”

Following that vehemently uttered phrase, nothing much happened but running. I thanked God two or three times that I had gloves on, because crushing bees would be considerably harder with bare hands. We were smacking bees for quite some time, but only one sting occurred. Dad got stung on the top of his head, but other than that there are no known injuries. I think God was punishing him for not being more careful around bees.

Stephen’s glasses were knocked off in the scramble. Ha ha! This time it was someone else who lost their glasses! See, there is a reason I stay at my desk all day. If I didn’t, more pain might come to me. So there I sit all day long, while Stephen and Dad can face the evil Killer Bees.


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Brad said...

Funny read! It formed a great picture in my head of the whole scenario, very good!