Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Poked and prodded

Last spring, about six days after I shaved my head, I cut off the tip of my finger pounding fence posts. I started growing my hair back in late September as winter was coming along. Last Friday I got sort of bored and decided I wanted to shave my head again, so I did. This afternoon I was cutting a piece of hose and as I made the first cut the utility knife came flying out of the hose and stuck in my leg. I finished cutting the hose as my boot filled up with blood. I now have a five foot section of hose and a ¾” long cut in my leg that is about ½” deep. It bled something awful, but after a few minutes of direct pressure I got the bleeding stopped enough to go into the house and get some bandaging done. The suture bandages would not attach, but the leg had stopped bleeding, so I was willing to just sit and wait on a scab.

Melissa was not willing to follow this course of action. Perhaps ‘course of inaction’ would be a more appropriate description. We went on a date to the doctor’s office. After waiting around with a bunch of sick people we were called and the doctor tended to me. Remember how I gotten the bleeding to stop? At the doctor’s office it began to trickle, not much, just a bit of blood. I had gotten it to stop again by the time the nurse cleaned off the area around the wound.

The doctor decided to assess the extent of the damage by shoving a Q-tip into the puncture wound. It was a startling act from my perspective, but it did not hurt. They put a band-aid on sent me on my way.

Did I mention that BEFORE I went to the doctor’s office I had stopped the bleeding? That was about four hours ago now and my leg is still bleeding. Four hours ago I had a dry wound. I now have an oozing wound. At one point – when I got up to go get the cow out of the stanchion – it over-flowed the band-aid and messed up another sock.

So, now I wait for it to dry up again. Once it does it will look like it did four or hours ago. It is a neat looking wound. If it weren’t mine I might be tempted to stick a Q-tip in to see how far it goes.


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