Monday, November 13, 2006

Stickin' It To The Man

I went to the metroplex this past weekend to spend some time with my Dad. He is doing fine, thank you for asking. Friday night he needed to go to Sam’s to pick up a chair and we went down one of the high priced streets in North Dallas. This is a street that was built to be a collector (a traffic planning term for “a busy street”). It has been a collector and residential street for at least the last 50 years. About 10 years ago the City of Dallas installed speed bumps on Park. Since my days as a City Manager speed bumps have always bothered me. Streets are not made to be playgrounds for kids; they are made for cars to drive on. If your kid plays in the street YOU need to get them out of the street. The City is not your stinking babysitter and it is not going to do the parenting for you. So, if you buy a house on a busy street, expect traffic and keep your kids out of the street.

Anyway, we went to Sam’s and traveled on a road with speed bumps. As I may have already revealed to you, I despise speed bumps. I honked as I drove over each speed bump. By the time we were over the fifth or sixth speed bump my Dad, Clark and I were howling with glee as each inconvenient little bump brought the sound of a blaring horn to an otherwise quiet neighborhood. We went back the same way we came, honking all the way. My Dad spent 38 years in city government and I spent 19 years. Honking while you go over a speed bump isn’t a big deal. It was just a release for the two of us, a little act of subversion and silliness.


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