Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkey, pie and exploding eggs

Our plans changed this week. We were going to Granbury for the feast with Melissa’s folks and family and my dad was going to be there. Instead we are eating here as my father-in-law, Fred Widmann, is in the middle of chemo and it is kicking his tail. Last time we never heard of it being this bad. This time it seems the chemo is more obnoxious. If you have a moment, say a prayer for Fred. Please, don’t give him your thoughts, do something real and say a prayer.

Anyway, my dad is coming out tomorrow morning and will spend the night with us. Clark is very excited. A couple of weeks ago Clark and I took a trip to Dallas and spent the night with dad at his retirement village/senior living center/cruise ship on land for a home. Clark loved the wine and cheese reception as he was the featured entertainer. When we went to breakfast Saturday morning there were some women residents who could not wait to drop gifts on him, he got an Oscar-Meyer Weinermobile whistle and a light up rubber frog. Ten more minutes in the breakfast room and I am betting he’d have gotten cash.

So now we return the favor. We have a line-up of great activities for dad. We have an old wire spool in a hole and we’re going to burn that along with some trash. We have two dozen spoiled eggs and we’re going to tape firecrackers to these and see what happens. We also have a bunch of food. I think there are four pies and a cake for dad’s birthday. We would’ve had more, but we ate the pumpkin cheesecake this evening.

We tried to get going on potty training Sam this morning, but it was a washout. He wasn’t really interested and we were too busy with smoking a turkey, baking and other junk to really give it a good go. We will reschedule. I just heard Sam shout out to Stephen he wanted his picture taken going potty. He is sort of ready, just not all the way ready.

I gotta go and check on the turkey.


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