Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another Great Day

I am almost sorry to see 2006 go considering the good fortune of the last two days, but then again, the rolling over of the year really isn't much of anything anyway. The peppermint cheesecake was outstanding. We have us a winner with this one. The backhoe? Well, the guy that had his name on the list ahead of me didn't have a trailer and I just drive it home, so I am in the process of digging a long deep trench for the water line. And now for the biggie - - after three tries (Joy, then Sam and now Gloria) we finally have a kid that will take the Billy Bob Teeth Pacifier. See proof below.

Proud Pappa Roger


Anonymous said...

Thats great! She is so adorable!!

Melissa Barker said...

That's tooo funny.

Claudia said...

How funny