Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cold and Flu Season again

Last year, Dec 20, Claire got it first. Someone was sick every day for about 2 mos. Roger couldn't walk for 3 weeks. Everyone seemed to pass it back and forth. It was awful. It finally ended with Listerine gargling and antibiotics.

This year, Dec 11, Claire got it first. Everyone had a slight cold except Gloria and Sam and we thought we got off easy. Wrong. Gloria and Sam were hit earlier this week--Gloria on Sat night and Sam on Sunday night. And "hit" is a good word. Faith was playing with Sam and said he just kind of threw back his head all of a sudden and then wanted to go to bed. They've both had fevers in the 102-103 degree range, cry a lot, and have ear aches. Gloria's eardrum ruptured on Tuesday and I know from experience that the pain she just experienced is one of the worst ever. She's been really cranky, but I think she's taking it pretty well.

And still I tried to be optimistic thinking this was the end of it this year. But no. Today Stephen came home early from his afternoon shift at Best Fried Chicken (which really is the best) thinking he just needed sleep. He's feverish now though and had to call in for his evening shift. Claire's ears hurt and Joy said she can't hear out of one ear (is she just copying Sam though?) and Mitchell has a sore throat. I got out the Listerine and dixie cups and we had a gargle party in the kitchen. It's a new Hanukkah tradition for us.

So if you feel led to do so, we'd sure appreciate prayers for health for the sickos here, and endurance for me especially to make it through this time.

On the bright side, I'm planning to make homemade, homegrown chicken soup for dinner tomorrow with a braided garlic bread to go with it. That should help everyone feel better and sounds soooo yummy!


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