Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cow House

Melissa wants to me to write about the birth of the calf and the house project. So, here is my calf story: The calf was coming out, then Bella seemed to just give up and I got worried that cows being cows (not too bright, made of leather and meat) that the strain on her and the calf could result in the loss of one or both of them. Since I am not a vet or even all that interested in science, but I do get impatient, I decided that I was right and pulled the calf out of Bella. She was wet and slick and cold. Stephen and I got Bella righted and she took care of the calf clean-up. We got two gallons of milk off Bella this morning!

The house is moving along very slowly. This is mostly a function of our project being a cash enterprise. We have some things in the works that will free up some cash and we ought to get going better then. I did buy three doors for the house yesterday. There was this old door in the house when we moved in that I really liked. We found three doors just like it at a flea market/antique place here in town and bought them for $25 each. If you happen to run across doors like these in the next four to six months, please let us know.

The water pipe to the house is run, but the backhoe we usually rent is broken, so the pipe sits on the ground instead of under it. I have no idea when the backhoe will be repaired. Without the water line there is no cement mixing, without cement there is no foundation. This means today will be a day of clearing mesquite and odd jobs around the farm. We have some chicks to take care of, a chalkboard to mount (also found at the flea market) and a second night of Hanukkah to celebrate. Shalom.


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Anonymous said...

"All You Need to Know About Bovine Practice
1.) If it is hanging out, push it back in.
2.) If it is stuck inside, pull it out."

Sounds like you did fine!