Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Great Day

Some days are just way better than others. Today was way better than others. The local hardware store rents out equipment and I have been needing the backhoe, but it has been broken. Today they got a new backhoe. It is all shiney and the paint is still on it. Some other guy has it first, but I am supposed to be on the list to get it next. Very good news for the house project.

I bought a working portaband today. This is a hand held bandsaw and these babies will cut through metal like its butter. They are more than $250 new for a good one and about $100 for a crappy one. I got a good used one from the pawn shop for $50. Also got a good used grinder for $15. about half price.

Then, when I got home, the mail had come. In the mail was a small box. In the small box was a pair of cookie paddles. So, what's the big deal about cookie paddles? They are essential to making my cheesecake and the other pair we had for the mixer broke about two weeks ago. I had planned on making cheesecakes for a couple of neighbors and without the paddles I was not able to do so. Tonight I experimented with a peppermint recipe idea and it is in the oven now. The batter is great, tastes like peppermint candy canes, tomorrow I will know how it tastes as a cake.

Strange the things that make us happy.


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Amanda said...

Hi Roger,

I've been reading your blog for about a year now--I enjoy it immensely! You have a beautiful family!

Your peppermint cheesecake sounds phenomenal--I don't suppose you'd consider posting the recipe?


Amanda in RI