Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's a heifer!

Isabella just had her calf today! It's a girl. She looks just like her dad. I'd never seen anything actually be born in real life before so it was really cool for me. Yes, I've had nine babies, but I never saw any of them come out. I could relate to a lot of those cow sounds today. I guess it's hard work no matter what type of mammal you are. I will let Roger share his experience later, but I wanted to post some pictures. I'll try to get a pic of her cute and dry tomorrow. But my baby was tired and thought she'd been patient enough after staring at a cow's hind end for 2 hours. So we came in with the camera.


feet and tongue

calf head

Isabella pushing

Roger comforting

Roger pulling

it's out

wet calf

cow and calf

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Anonymous said...

wow what an education your family got yesterday! Congrats on the new "family member!"
ann gregory