Sunday, December 24, 2006

A letter from quarantine

This time last year I had the flu. It was a three week ordeal with fever, swollen tonsils, leg pain, lots of sleep and some weight loss. I am doing fine right now, but every kid has been down at some point over the past two weeks. Melissa had a small touch of it. I have a small irritation in the back of my throat, but other than that I am fine. Melissa did some flu research today on-line and it seems that there are some flu strains from last year that are back for an encore this year. For us it seems that if you got it bad last year you get an easy go of it this year. If you had it easy last year you are in for a whipping this year. Stephen and Grace went though the season last year pretty much untouched. Their temperatures were in the 104 degree range last night. About an hour ago Grace was at 104.9. Her temp is back down, but it is rather scary to watch the thermometer go up, up, up while it sits in kids mouth. Gracie got up in the middle of the night last night and when we gave her the thermometer she tried to stick it in her braids. It took me a while to figure out that she was delirious and not just being silly.

No real holiday cheer right now with the exception of a gift from a neighbor. I am not sure how he knew we were all ill, but our neighbor, Benny, brought by a spiral sliced ham by this afternoon. Without that we would have been up a creek for dinner tonight as hustling around the kids is a bit consuming. Way more for Melissa than for me, but I do occasionally have to lift a finger around here when more than half of the kids are sick. For some reason I was reminded last night that less than half of our family is still a pretty good sized family by today’s standards. This change in our culture was clear last week at a party when we got into a conversation with a guy that was the youngest of 16. They were all spaced like ours are – a kid every two years or so. To catch up to his parents we would have to have seven more kids. Melissa would be pregnant at 52. I don’t really want seven more kids, but I am not going to get an operation and I really don’t want to be involved in a grotesque farming accident.

Merry Christmas


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