Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We've been quite spoiled by the weather lately. I've LOVED the warm weather. Yet I knew this cold front was coming. And I've had a job that I've needed to tackle since October when I got my "day off" and went shopping with my mom.

On my shopping trip, I bought fabric and a pattern to make Faith a new jacket/coat. It is a jacket pattern, but I was planning to make it reversible with a heavy denim on one side and fleece on the other, so hopefully as warm as a coat. She has a coat that probably isn't much warmer than a jacket and she keeps growing so her arms now hang out of the ends of the sleeves. Yet, between everyone having the flu and the need to sew for customers, and all the cooking and cleaning and a baby who just can't remember she can sleep in her crib, I couldn't seem to get to Faith's jacket.

I finally decided to quit stressing out about my sewing business. My webpage hasn't been updated in ages. I've decided I will probably move the page to the Panivino Ranch page along with Faith's Little Clay People page. I'm just so busy trying to do too much and really can't do it all. So rather than try to be superwoman and homeschool 9 kids, sew all our clothes, make all our food from scratch, AND run a business, I've decided to cut back a bit. I will now do what I need to do for our family. If God sends me business through sewing, that is well and good. But I'm not going to stress out and try to make the business a success by sacrificing the schooling or cooking and I'm going to sew for my family's needs first. Forget the crossdresser who wanted a specially made dress! It really isn't much of a change, other than mentally, but it was freeing to realize that we're better off financially if I put OUR needs first. I don't make much sewing for people, but we save a lot if I sew for us. So if I sew for us first and then for others, that can work. And if I happen to have any free time, I will try to work on the thing I've wanted to do since I was little--at least 10 yrs old--and that is to write children's stories. I just have to figure out how to get published. . .

So the jacket just needs buttons now--on both sides of course. But I could get Faith to do that if I need to. She has waaaay more free time than I do. ;-)

And while it's cold, I'll try to get stocked up on butter in the freezer. I've found it's much easier to make it when it's cold. And my Bosch does a great job making it for me now that I've figured out to only put a quart of cream in at a time rather than a gallon. Duh. Sometimes I'm slow. But homemade butter is practically free (since we'd otherwise just drink the cream with our milk), but it's, at best, $2.50/lb at the store--and we eat several pounds per week. And I know it's healthy this way, too. Same with our homemade bread, pizza, soup. I've finally tried making my own biscuits and gravy and they both turned out great. Cooking when it's cold out is so nice.

I'm looking forward to the outdoor kitchen in the new house so I can enjoy summer cooking, too. I really prefer summer anyway. But for now, I'll just enjoy sewing that nice warm fleece jacket.


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