Sunday, January 07, 2007

Starring the Dallas Cowboys as the Tin Man

Don’t misunderstand what I am about to say here as I have been a Cowboys fan since 1969. I have rooted for other teams from time to time, like the Chiefs when I lived in Warrensburg, but I have always been a Cowboys fan. Typically, when the ‘boys lose I am in a foul mood for days on end. I have a hard time watching them play as I die with each failed play or dropped pass or big play given up by the defense. I met Jerry Jones and for a while we negotiated with him for a stadium in Grapevine. (That deal, thankfully, fell through as it would never have made it past the voters.) I have several Cowboy sweatshirts, caps and other paraphernalia. But, after last night, I am officially fed up. Parcells was, once again, out coached. A team that gets as many penalties as the Cowboys is a team without discipline and that is the coach’s fault. A team that gets whipped to snot by the likes of the Detroit Lions is either highly predictable, a comment Madden made last night, or it has given up, again problems with the coaching. I found myself watching the game last night hoping, just a little bit, that the ‘boys would lose so I could quit being disappointed by them. They obliged and disappointed me, after tricking me into believing that maybe they were somehow worth rooting for.

The sun came up this morning. I got out of bed and had a pretty good day. I have a new purpose in life. I will not watch the Cowboys until it once again becomes worth my time to watch them. I will not root for another Parcells coached team ever again. I will never again root for a team with TO on it. I’ll still watch football, just not the Cowboys. That should be pretty easy to do right now. By the way, it was the Tin Man that did not have a heart, just like the Cowboys.


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