Friday, January 26, 2007

Time to hit my thumb again!

I’ve been gone a while. I’ve been afraid to blog because I was sure to jinx the news. I’m blogging tonight because the jinx is on, so no big deal. We have made no secret of our attempts to get a house built. I’ve dug some holes and run some lines but not started. Well, we’re about to start. We have bids in and if the weather holds we will be under construction next weekend. We’re having a builder come in and pour the foundation, erect concrete block walls and put a roof on. We will then put in the windows, doors, plumbing, electric, heating, air conditioning, septic, flooring, framing drywall, lighting, blah, blah and blah.

I can hardly sleep at night I am so excited. The builder came over this afternoon to take a look at the site. The girls asked who was coming over and Melissa told them it was the builder. They jumped for joy, literally. We have all grown to dislike this house as it settles and ages and cracks and creeks. We are all looking forward to a house that will work for us and is designed with our needs in mind. When I try to sleep I see the house and try to figure out how to run the duct work to our best advantage. I have been thinking about installing an aerobic wastewater system, rather than the standard anaerobic septic system. Melissa found a web page with engineered drawings for such a system this afternoon and it turns out I already had the design in my head. I love it when that happens. The only difference is that they use electricity from the grid and I plan to use either wind or solar to pump the air into the treatment tank.

Over the last nine months we’ve done a lot of research on cheap building and green building. We started with the thought that we would build cheap. The more we read, and the more we paid for gas, the more we realized that cheap now could get expensive later. In the last few months we have moved more toward green, solid and cheap. There are some neat techniques that I will still want to try on a guest cabin or stanchion, but for the immediate work we are going for lots of insulation, cooling with earth tubes, heating with wood, building an outdoor kitchen for the summer and exploring more solar and wind options for things like pumping and fan motors.

Finally, while I am happy to be saying goodbye to Big Bill, T.O. is still wearing a star so I will skip next year’s Cowboy’s season, unless Jerry hires Norv Turner. Then I’ll watch.

One final thing, Jonny Lang’s new album is great. Get it and listen.


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