Sunday, January 14, 2007

Warm projects

Faith's jacket
Here's the jacket I made for Faith. It is reversible and has a hood. You can't really see the hood in the picture, but believe me, it's there. The pattern called for a collar and I had it ready to sew on when Faith asked if the collar would be something she could turn up to keep the wind off her back while milking the cow. I knew that meant she needed a hood. Thankfully I have this really cool software that allows me to create custom patterns. I was able to find a pattern for a hood in the right size to fit the jacket. Unfortunately, it doesn't have instructions as to HOW to sew the hood. It was easy enough to figure out, but there's one little place that just doesn't look good. Her long hair covers that and she assured me she won't be cutting it this winter. I think I should have done the hood earlier in the project, but oh well. It will be easier when I do Grace's. Faith said she didn't really want pockets, but changed her mind after it was too late. The jacket is kind of plain looking on the denim side. We thought about trying to get them added, but it would take a while and she needed a coat TODAY. How warm is it? It was 29 degrees outside. She said she was warm except for her legs. Maybe I should make her some coveralls? She wouldn't have worn them to church anyway though.

Gloria's poncho

I haven't quite finished this project. I get so frustrated with trying to put jackets on babies. You struggle to get them on only to have the front of the coat rise up to cover the baby's face when they are in their car seat. Then all the straps have to be adjusted to accomodate the coat. The alternative is to use a blanket. I usually put a baby in the car seat then cover her with a blanket. This is great if you are planning to carry the carseat in and out of the vehicle. But with a 7 month old, I don't usually do that. So then she gets cold while I take the blanket off, get her out, then cover her back up. And I just have to hope the wind doesn't blow that blanket away. So the other day it occured to me that I could just cut a hole in the center of a fleece blanket. Then I could sew buttons on to hold it down between her legs and under her arms. In the picture, I've got it buttoned between her legs. I couldn't decide if I really needed the buttons under her arms, but after using it I learned I do. With a 5 point harness, I can't get the straps over her shoulders unless I can find her arms. So those buttons will help me out with that. Being fleece I didn't have to worry about sewing buttonholes or finishing the edges where I cut the hole in the center. The only sewing involved was sewing on buttons. For buttonholes, I just cut slits where I wanted them. If we're out at the park or something I can just skip the buttons and she has a poncho.



Betsy said...

Melissa, it's good to see you doing what you love (sewing) for the ones you love. It's part of what you were created to do, don't you think? And don't you think it pleases the Father to see you doing it? I sense a lot of satisfaction in you and see it in your face in the picture. I'm glad. And it's amazing to see you beside Gloria and realize how big she's getting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I "met" you a few years ago when we were both members of MOMYS. At the time, I lived in Euless and you were still in Grapevine. Anyway, we talked about getting together but never did.
I have kept up with you off and on through your blog, but I just took the time this week to go back and read it all from the beginning. Your story is fascinating and hilarious! I would love to talk with you (email is the easiest for us, I'm sure!). My email address is
I look forward to hearing from you :)
Julie Jones