Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aaah, Spring!

Spring is in the air! The weather has been beautiful. The doors are open to let in fresh air. The kids can play outside again (although Clark still begs for a movie every day!). And the new chicks have arrived. We know they'll grow up to be . . . um, well, . . . not so cute. But for now, they are so adorable. Here's a picture of Gracie holding a couple of them.

As Roger mentioned in his last post, it is also much quieter here. The crowing of all the roosters is gone. We had a great dinner of chicken and dumplings the other night, plus we have a couple in the freezer. Now, if I could just get Gloria to sleep for more than 6 hours at night, I'd be set. (Not just a 6 hour stretch, but a total of 6 hours--thankfully all in one stretch most of the time.) On the bright side, when I'm up with her, I no longer have to listen to the annoying chorus of crowing roosters!

Most likely we'll still have a winterish day or so still to come. But God is so good to give us breaks from the hard winter. I love Texas where the winters are short and the summers are long and warm. Remind me of this in August when a glass of ice water can help me cool off. A hot cup of tea never helps me. I just seem to burn my tongue!


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