Tuesday, February 06, 2007

House Plan dimensions

Several people have asked me about the dimensions of the house and the rooms. I don't know all the exact sizes and haven't had a chance to get that information from Roger. He's really busy between his job, the farm, preparing to build a house, deacon stuff at church (they made him the treasurer because he has time?!?) and still being a great husband and father. I know the house is 40 x 60 feet which would make it 2400 sq feet, but it won't be that much living space when finished because those are outside dimensions and then walls take up space. I think it's at least close though. Roger did have time to tell me that the bathtubs are 5 feet long. You could mark a scrap of paper at each end of a bathtub and create your own ruler to measure off 5 foot sections. Does that make sense?

By the way, we just had the most wonderful snack and it only cost us pennies. We had a big batch of popcorn and drinkable yogurt. My batch of yogurt meant for breakfast never got very firm. We added invisible koolaid mix and sugar and had it for snack in cups today. Mmm mmm good! And for those not blessed with a cow, you can still make your own yogurt. You can't buy a gallon of yogurt for the cost of a gallon of milk, but you can make it yourself! And it's so good AND good for you!

But I still have to go fix dinner because everyone in this house thinks they need to be fed several times a day. Silly kids. Homemade pizza tonight since I forgot to put the roast in the crockpot and need to bake some bread anyway. Today anyway, I feel like I'm getting the hang of feeding us all well and not spending a fortune. Maybe I just feel good because of that 30 second nap I got today. ;-) It's amazing how much good that can do for someone with sleep deprivation.


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