Saturday, April 28, 2007

Can we build it? Yes we can!

The steel for the roof was delivered yesterday. The south wall was completed yesterday. The full crew is here this morning to get the east and west walls finished. The steel beams have to get put in place and the roofer’s only way in is if a wall is left undone. That is the non-existent north wall. The beams are set to go up Monday. The roofer (Johnny) will then weld the rafters in place in the southern part of the house. If all goes according to plan, the north wall will get built while Johnny is putting roofing pieces in place. The potential is there that we will have a completed shell a week from today.

Yesterday I was helping shlep some steel off the truck and counting quantities and it occurred to me that this house is really going to happen. After a year of researching various options for construction and a couple of false starts (and money wasted) we are on the verge of getting after it. We aren’t going to be doing it as cheaply as we had hoped when were looking at using mesquite cord wood, but we are going to have a solid, well built and relatively inexpensive home and we will be in it soon. Mitchell will be framing in the doors first and I will be trenching for the earth tubes and other underground pieces. Having a competent helper will make it go much faster than any other project as I have always worked alone.

Perhaps the best thing about the way we have been approaching this is that we have managed to save money by shopping sales and getting in on offers. For example, when we filed our taxes through TurboTax we took the option of getting our refund in Lowe’s gift cards. The neat thing about this option was that each $100 card only cost us $90. So now we will wait on a sale and buy stuff. Home Depot sent a coupon to us for 10% off an entire purchase, up to a $2000 purchase. The purchase has to be made from May 1st through the 7th . Great timing as we will need a bunch of wood for framing and Home Depot carries wood. Paint goes on sale, fans go on sale and we have been there. Also, ebay turns out to be a pretty good place to get home improvement supplies as well.

Today, I am going to build some boxes for tile. There used to be a tile plant in Coleman and there is a bunch of tile for the taking at the dump. You just have to pack it out. Still, it is free tile.


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Anonymous said...

How exciting to watch your house go up before your very eyes!!! Congrats on this first stage of home building.