Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guinness World Records: Primetime- Worlds Worst Mouse Plague

The other night after Stephen shot that first mouse he showed me how to use the gun. I paid attention because I've seen mice and not known what to do about it. He then left the gun, and does so each night before he goes to bed, where I can quickly and easily find it. Keep in mind this is one of those air soft guns that all the kids are playing with. They shoot each other and don't get hurt. But it will kill a mouse--without waiting for the stupid things to walk in the mouse traps!

So at about 6am, Sam got up and asked me to tuck him back in bed. I start walking toward his room, but as usual, turned on a light in the dining room. And there's a mouse. I grabbed the gun, but trying to aim without glasses with just waking up eyes didn't work very well. It ran behind some furniture. I tried again, but it disappeared without getting hit. So I gave up and went to tuck Sam back in bed.

As I headed back toward my room, I checked again behind the furniture. There it was. I grabbed the gun and aimed, this time bracing my hand against the wall. That did the trick and I killed it with one shot. Roger heard the commotion and showed up in time to help me dispose of it.

As I was falling back to sleep I heard some noises in the dining room. Stephen found another one. He hit it, but it got away. He then went to google to try to figure out what type of mice these are as he and Roger both say they don't look like regular field mice. I don't know if he ever found what they are (house mice?) but he found a very disturbing video. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Audrey said...

umm....holy cannolies, gross, yuk, plaaa! plaaa! plaaa!

That was aweful! I cant believe she walked in there with all those mice.

Nope, couldnt have done it!

And I complain about a few nasty water bugs...shame on me.