Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stuff and things

Melissa blogged about the bull snake in the laundry room last Sunday and I really don’t have anything to add to that story. All I have is a report from Faith about another snake that she encountered Tuesday. Seems she was on her way out to the tank and there, in her path was the water snake I saw the first summer we were here. When I saw the snake it was early one morning and it was on a log in the tank. I saw the last three or so feet of it sliding into the water. Yes, the last three or so feet. It was huge. Faith saw a part of it and swears it was four inches wide. I believe her. I saw that beast two years ago from 100 feet away and I am betting it is the same snake. While the waters are up we are not letting anyone out alone in the tank or waterway areas. Okay, I get to go out alone, but not anyone else.

Stephen and I milked Bella this Saturday morning and she went out to the big pasture along with the two calves. She looked thrilled to be going after the grass out there, which is tall, versus the grass she has been getting. The big challenge on Saturday was the milking of Stella. Turns out she is straight from hell! If she is not trying to crush you against walls of the stanchion she is working up for a full on roundhouse kick to the head if you are milking on her left side. This makes securing her huge, tiring effort for her and me. I am headed to Dallas Wednesday to buy a used head gate. We’ll set that up and build a chute for her to stand in while we milk her and, hopefully, no one will get hurt in the process.

On Tuesday I was able to get her tied up with little threat of violence from her, but I am still planning to get the head gate. The trip to Dallas will also allow me to cruise through a bunch of Lowe’s stores along I-20 and up the 360 corridor. Cheap beige tile is calling me.


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