Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gloria's Birthday Today

Happy 1st Birthday today to the lovely Gloria Beth! Go here and scroll down to see last year's post. Gloris still looks very young, but she can walk, jabber and eat from something other than a breast – all big improvements over last year at this time when she slept, suckled, cried and pooped. No big plans for today. We will be stuck inside, mostly, because of the rain. Too wet to work on the second chicken tractor. No way to work on the new house, no money to shop for the new house and no place to keep the stuff if we did buy it. I will begin smoking a 17 pound brisket this evening to eat tomorrow. Every year prior to Memorial Day and July 4th the local grocer sells packer cut brisket for 99 cents a pound. I bought two to go with the other two we had in the freezer.

Gloria’s big present will be cake with dinner. Not much sense in buying a gift for a one year old when you already have all the toys and such a one year old would want. It’s not like a one year old has any real need for anything when she just takes whatever is on the floor or in a drawer she can reach to play with regardless of how appropriate or inappropriate the item is. A current favorite of hers is whatever she can get out of the trash can. This explains the presence of trash cans on counter-tops and upper shelves in our house.

This leads me to another though - did you ever wonder what kinds of conclusions archaeologists would draw about our society if they were to unearth your house 10,000 years from now? Perhaps they would think that we were pagans that had little trash alters in each room of the house. Maybe we would be held forth as great recyclers that had, somewhere on the property but not yet unearthed, highly advanced waste to energy recycling machinery. After digging at the ancient farm for over 30 years they would then assume that the recycling machinery must have been taken by later generations or that there was a communal mechanism. Who cares, we’ll all have been dead for thousands of years by then.

On that cheery thought…have a good three day weekend.


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Betsy Robinett said...

Happy, happy birthday, Gloria Beth! Have a happy time eating cake! I'd love to be there with you to celebrate!