Sunday, May 06, 2007

Red and Seven

Melissa has told you guys about the mice. She even went on u-tube and got a film of a mouse invasion. Well, we are going after them hard now. The other night Faith made three loaves of bread. We put them on top of the stove and covered them with a towel and settled in for three installments of 'Lost'. Then we went to bed, forgetting all about the bread. About 15 minutes after we laid down Melissa asked me "Did you put the bread away?" First of all, while I am writing this as if I had some idea there was bread on the stove it would be a mistake on your part to assume that in some way I actually pay attention to my surroundings. Secondly, I am not sure that I was even aware at that time that three loaves of bread had been made.

I said "No."

We both threw off the covers and made a mad dash to the kitchen. I hit the light and when we were about a step away from the stove we saw a mouse leap out from under the towel and scramble away into the open bottom of the control panel. The next day I fed the chickens three loaves of bread. Yesterday I made a trip to Home Depot for house stuff (nothing happening due to weather) and got four mouse traps.

Last night we went to bed with a trap on the counter, one on the floor by the sink, one in the doorway to the dining room and the final one in one of the bathrooms. We'd been in bed about 15 minutes when we heard a trap snap shut. We got up and there was the bread eating mouse (this is our hope as that is the mouse we hate the most) dead in the trap. I dumped the mouse in the outside trash, spread more peanut butter in the trap, set it and put it back on the cabinet. This morning we had another dead mouse in the trap on the counter and another dead one in the bathroom. That's three mice dead from airsoft guns and three dead from the traps, so far.

While we are pleased with the traps at this time, we are also prepared for the future. The Youth Minister and his wife had a pair of kittens they wanted to get rid of and we took them in today. They're about a month old so they won't be catching many mice tonight. We named the short haired black one Seven. The grey and black striped one is now known as Red. The names go back to a game I like to play with the kids that we call "Red or Seven?" which is a question game. To play you ask the kids to say which they like best between two unrelated choices. For example: "Do you prefer the color red or the number seven?" Red or seven could just as easily be a choice between watermelon and tube socks or year and dangerously. For the bazillionth time I could not get anyone to accept the name of Rocking Chair for a pet.


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