Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Doors and windows

I thought I'd post a quick update. Roger has been working on the house every chance he gets. Mitchell has helped a lot too.

Before today started, he had doors in and all but the 5 up high windows in the kitchen. He had doorknobs and locks on the doors also. He's been to Home Depot and back and working on the house today so I don't know where we're at right now.

We had a few little glitches with the doors and windows. The dimensions were all off from what we requested. He had to do some planing on the wood needed to get the windows in. He'd planned to use 2 by 8's on all of it, but when it came to the doors there was so much planing needed he gave up and bought 1 by 8's instead. That slowed him down, but was workable.

One of the doors was put slightly in the wrong place. It's the door that goes to the porch from our bedroom. It is off enough that we'll have to put a weird little jog in the kids' room. Otherwise we'd have a wall in the middle of the door and that wouldn't work. It will only throw off one of the sections in the kids' suite so all is not lost, but it's not ideal either. Maybe we'll find another solution before we get there. Who knows.

I was out sweeping the other day and was really impressed with how smoothe the floor is. They did a great job smoothing out the concrete for the foundation.

We're actually considering moving in before it's finished. We have a few basic requirements--bathrooms and a kitchen. Then we may move in so we can start pulling things out of the current house and using them in that house.

That's about all I know. I'll update again when I hear from Roger. I wish I could get out there and help more, but small children can be quite time consuming. When I was out there sweeping the other day I had Joy, Sam, and Gloria with me. Sam kept getting tools he shouldn't have. Gloria was eating sawdust and such. I kept Joy busy piling trash and throwing bits of brick out the window into a pile outside. She loves to help, but we had to watch closely to make sure she didn't throw any through a closed window!

Speaking of small children, Joy is screaming a song at Gloria who doesn't like it and is pulling Joy's hair. Better go deal with that!


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