Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day

The plan is to have Roger look at this blog tomorrow. Hopefully he won't get online tonight. But if he does, well, he always figures out his gifts early anyway so it would be nothing new.

We are going to have the following pictures printed--one large and one small, the small one will be big and the big one will be small-- and framed. We're not in a huge hurry since we don't yet have walls to hang them on. With the two photos together, you get all the kids' pictures. It was just impossible to get Gloria to participate in the group shot so we gave up and did her separate. It came out great.

Happy Father's Day, Roger. We love you more than you can ever imagine.

Love, Melissa, Stephen, Mitchell, Faith, Grace, Claire, Clark, Joy, Sam, Gloria


Betsy Robinett said...

Melissa -- was it difficult to get everyone's feet clean all at the same time????

Betsy :>)

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea!!
Ann G

Melissa Nelson said...

In reply to Betsy, yes and no. We did this right after baths, but some of the kids already had dirty feet again. Baby wipes saved the day!


elizabeth said...

What a darling idea!! Cute enough to sell even!

Audrey said...

that is adorable!! and I was thinking the same thing, how did she get the dirt stains off the bottom of her kids feet....perhaps your kids actually ware shoes and dont have dirt stains. LOL