Monday, July 23, 2007

Bella's got an abscess

For some reason the title of this post reminds me of songs by the many Motown girl groups from the late 50’s or early 60’s. Close your eyes and sing along, “Bella’s got an abscess….” I don’t write songs, just haiku’s.

Anyway, Bella’s face had this huge lump and it just kept getting bigger and uglier. I took her to the vet Friday morning and he lanced it. Bella’s abscess was from eating spear grass. Seems she ate some spear grass and one of the spears poked into her gum. As a kid I loved spear grass. We’d chase other kids around the block with the spears and they’d chase us and sooner or later one of the kids would get speared – usually Kevin or, ironically in the case of this post, Lance – and start crying. The fun would immediately end and we’d scatter with our handfuls of spears in anticipation of another afternoon of spear grass war. I enjoyed spear grass 35 years ago, today I want to find out who is responsible for it and get reimbursed for the vet bill.

Back in high school one of my friends had a tooth that was abscessed. The doctor or dentist lanced the abscess from the inside of Val Joe’s mouth and packed it with cotton. The vet went after Bella’s abscess from the outside of her mouth. First he just poked a needle from a syringe in her big lump and pus went shooting out. Then he tied her down tight in the head gate and began cutting away. Bella now has a hole in the side of her face that is wide enough and deep enough to hide a golf ball and the swollen part of her face is way bigger than when I took her in on Friday. I am not going to post a picture. You’re welcome.

When Bella was attacked by dogs last summer I had to give her a shot of antibiotics three days in a row. It was a huge pain for her and me and the boys. We’d tie her up to the fence and secure her tightly. Still she fought the needle. Last winter we bought a used head gate and it worked like a charm this past week. She’d walk right into it and she didn’t fight to get out of it, even while I was injecting her. The vet gave me a larger bore needle this time as well and that also helped. It was a subcutaneous shot which meant I had to pull out a flap of skin in her neck and insert the needle. The vet told me to inject in two places to spread the load around as each shot was 18cc of the antibiotic. On Sunday morning one of the injections went in and right back out the other side, so I wasted about 2cc on her neck rather than in it.

I had to borrow a stock trailer from a friend as the one we bought off a neighbor still has not been rehabbed – hey, it has only been a week and a I am trying to build a house. (See previous post.) So, I borrowed my friend’s trailer and he and his wife gave us about 10 pounds of fresh, large, juicy peaches (I have eaten three so far today as they cannot be allowed to go bad), some squash, zucchini, green beans and a bunch of tomatoes. It’s kinda funny to me. I borrowed their stuff and they gave me stuff. Now I am inspired to plant a garden next spring when we are done with the house so that I can also give people stuff when I am being nice to them. I guess this place just kinda grows on you.


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