Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dead Cow

We took a heifer in to the processing place this morning. This was the black baldy we called Sarah. While Grace and I milked Bella Stephen and Mitchell went out to get Sarah. Those two are much smarter than me. I had tried to get Sarah last night with a lasso. No luck. This morning the boys walked up to her with a bucket full of grain and beef cubes and she followed with much enthusiasm.

Dumb dad got involved again as the cow came near the pasture where the trailer was. I had Mitchell go further ahead with the bucket and I pulled on the rope around her neck. With the bucket so far away she was not interested in going anywhere. When a 900 pound cow decides to go with you, you either let go of the rope or go with her. I went with her for a while and decided, as she was pulling me over, I’d better let go of the rope. She kept running and then the loop around my ankle, the loop I was not aware of, kicked in and I went with her for another five feet or so. I know that I do not want to be dragged by a cow ever again. Every scene in every western I’d ever seen with a cowboy getting dragged through a stampede rushed through my mind in the second or two it took to go five feet. Luckily, I was not wearing my church t-shirt and jeans.

The next move was to put another rope on the cow so Stephen and I could both hold on to her. This worked a lot better. This time, when she ran I was able to let go of the rope a full foot and a half shy of the fence post she was dragging me towards. As Stephen and I brushed off he and Mitchell came up with a new plan – they would take a bucket of grain and beef cubes and I would get the heck out of the way. This worked even better than the rope or the two ropes plan. Within a couple of minutes Sarah was in the trailer and we were off to her death. In 14 days I will pick up about 500 pounds of beef and we will eat this cow for the next ten months or so. I will laugh to myself every meal.

By the way, we borrowed a different trailer this time from a different neighbor. I just took it back to them and they gave me about 10 pounds of tomatoes.


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Julie McCarty said...

I'm forwarding this to Fred. He'll get a kick out of this -- he hates cows and gets a special delight in their death. :-) Also in eating them.

BTW, you must have angels watching over you. I recall not too long ago taking Fred to the emergency room when a chain looped around his ankle and pulled him to the ground. Count your blessings!