Saturday, July 28, 2007

Floor Fiasco

I think the last I mentioned about the floor we were mopping it to prepare to stain it. We then used the primer just like the directions said on the Behr floor stain. What we didn't know is that Behr doesn't make a very good stain. We love their paint so we thought the stain would be good too, but it's more like paint than stain. After priming, Roger and Mitchell very carefully followed directions and sprayed the stain on and backrolled to smooth it out. Every roller mark showed. This was not the look we wanted.

I remembered we knew some people in the metroplex who stain floors professionally and they'd told us to call if we ever had questions. So I called with questions. He assured me that we didn't do anything wrong. It was indeed the product we were using and there was nothing we could do to remove it. That was what Roger figured, but I had to ask. He did, however, suggest going over it with a lighter color with a light spray and not backrolling it to give it a mottled look. Maybe this would at least make it tolerable. So we tried this first with the color we already had. It did seem to help a bit.

So another coat of spray was added. Then we decided it would still look even better if we added another color or two. We went to buy a second color, but when it was added, you didn't really see it. So we just quit there.

Roger added another coat because it seemed to cover the roller marks better each time.

I guess we learned a few things.
1. Ask questions of professionals BEFORE you begin.
2. A company that makes one good product does not necessarily do everything well.
3. Most mistakes are fixable in some way.
4. It's good to be flexible.
5. Don't use the sealer. It will be worse than the stain.

Thankfully we learned that last one before it was too late.

I think overall we'll be happy with our floor. We'll put furniture and rugs in different places so that will help. It's not the look we originally wanted, but at least we can live with it. And I still think it was wise to choose a color that is about the same as the local mud.



Anonymous said...

I actually like the way the floor turned out. It might not be the look you wanted, but to me it looks great!


The Skelly Family said...

I agree with Kat. And I'm really grateful you posted this because I was thinking about using the Behr stain in another application in our under-construction home. I don't have access to any experts in that department, but I'll use something else now!

Julie said...

I think it looks really great! We are building a house right now and had considered staining our floors ourselves. But then we decided to go with a pier and beam instead of a slab, so we can't do that now. Yours looks great though!
How long until you think you guys will be in the house?

Julie Mc said...

We had the exact same problem when Fred stained the concrete on his bathroom floor. We were so disappointed to learn that the stain is actually a paint. I should have said something to you when you told me you were staining your floors. Many, many, many people have made the same mistake. But, the floors in your photo look great (better than our bathroom!). Can't wait to see it in person.