Sunday, July 22, 2007

House Siding

The siding is on the house. I think it's done, but there may be some detail work still needed. It needs painting, but here it is so far. This is from the east side of the house. The door you see enters the house between the living room and dining room and is not the front door.

Roger and I and the kids went out there yesterday afternoon and cleared the house. Then we swept it and scrubbed mud prints and such off the floor. We decided we needed to mop it so we had to quit there until we bought a new mop head.

Roger got home from shopping last night and got to spend some time fixing a pipe leak. It was in the current house, not the new house. That made for a late night, but he did it. First step was to figure out, in the dark, where the leak was. Stephen went to take him a flashlight and found the leak by stepping in a big puddle. So the leak was found and fixed. On the bright side, it was extra plumbing practice before doing plumbing on the new house. We were all up until about 1am, but we survived. We even made it to church on time.


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