Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rain rain going away?

After about 10 days of no work on the house, Roger and Mitchell finally got to get out there and get back to work yesterday. They took a break for hamburgers and fireworks, but they got to get something done on our new house!

There has been plenty of rain falling all around us. And we've had our fair share, too. But the other day, I took Stephen to the doctor in town and it was pouring rain. I came home and Roger was saying he thought he could work on the house after dinner. I asked about the rain and he said we didn't get any. I was amazed and made sure to tell him I had seen rain and lots of it. We're only 2 miles outside of town and the roads were wet all the way home. I saw his last blog post blaming me for him getting stuck in the mud (I had told him I had no idea if it had rained or not that night but being a man he only partly listened and heard the words "no" and "rain" and ignored everything in between.) so I wanted to be sure he understood I knew it had rained. He swore that he was home and it had not rained here. It turns out that he'd been praying that God would allow all this rain to just skirt around us. Well, God must have said yes because sure enough, it is actually drying up out there. Isn't God good?

So, since concrete block is not at all water tight, we have puddles in our new house. That's why they are working on the siding. The siding is a hardy board that will seal out the water and look like stucco. Then we can paint it and it should be low maintenance.

Another totally unrelated note I'd like to add. My mother's husband, Fred, has had cancer for a little more than a year and a half. We have been praying for total healing. According to the doctors, he should have lived about 8 months with this. So he's already doing better than expected. I believe that is due to God's healing touch. Meanwhile, he has undergone chemo which sometimes seems to help and sometimes not. A few months ago he was told the chemo was no longer working and to take a 4-6 month break from it. Ok, maybe I'm wrong, but when you're already past how long you were even supposed to live, isn't that about the same as saying 'sorry, we can't help you'? Anyway, I felt certain that now God's healing would really begin. And all the scans since then are showing little to no growth. This is without any medical help at all. So now the doctor wants him back on chemo. Why? By his own admission, it wasn't working, but prayer seems to be helping without any side effects. Fred was out mowing the lawn today--in the Texas heat and humidity!!

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if anyone who reads this could please say a prayer and ask God to show Fred very clearly what He wants Fred to do. Fred has to make the decision--chemo or not. It can't be an easy thing to decide. Please ask God to make it clear what Fred should do and to give Fred the wisdom, courage, and faith to do the right thing in spite of pressure he might get to do otherwise--from the doctor to do chemo or even from me or others like me who think it's time to let God do His thing. Only God knows what is truly best for Fred and Fred needs to hear from God TODAY because his appointment is for tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Praying for Fred this morning!

Lisa Nevin