Thursday, August 16, 2007

Snake and House Update

Mitchell and I have been busting it on the house the last couple of weeks. The trenches for plumbing and earth tubes are dug, the conduit for the electrical is in place, big holes for the septic tanks are dug, about half of the interior doors are hung. Mitchell has run the wire for all of the electrical circuits he can get to and has most of the outlet circuits wired with plugs. One circuit is live at this time and two more will be tomorrow. Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain so we will work inside with more wiring and the placement of lines for the lights/ceiling fans. Slowly the house is taking shape.

This afternoon I ran across a rattler on my way to bring in the calf. It was coiled up and waiting in the path by the stanchion. I went back to the house to get the shotgun and when I returned it was gone. Not knowing the location of the snake is much worse than seeing it in the path, so I took another route to the calf and got her put up. As I came out of the stanchion I was planning to go get the eggs, but without knowing where the snake was I said a quick prayer for protection, looked down and saw the snake all coiled up and about a foot from my feet. The snake was looking the other way. The old saying "if it was a snake it would have bit me" can be reworked in this case to "if it was looking my way it would have bit me" particularly since it was already coiled. Thankfully, blessedly, it was looking the other way and I had the shot gun. The snake is dead and Joy now has a rattle to play with. 11 rattles in case you're interested and it was almost four feet long. Its kinda funny how a 12 gauge fired right into the ground will leave a divot in sun baked clay.

No, Dad, I did not even consider reaching down, grabbing it and snapping its head off with a whip crack motion like Granddad Nelson used to do.



Ann said...

This is why I live in the city!! I can't stand snakes...glad it was you and not me.....
Nice to have house update.

Anonymous said...

This is Melissa's friend Melissa from KCMO. I just found out the news on baby #10. Wow!
I read up on your blog. Goodness sakes. You guy are the true Walton's without the mountain with a combination of Little House on the Prairie.
How big is the house (sq ft?)?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are ok after your snake encounter. Stay safe!

.....Dan at aslowerpace dot com

Anonymous said...

You let your daighter play with the rattle! that is GROSS!!