Saturday, August 04, 2007

Top Ten List

Top ten reasons why the Nelson’s should have a tenth child:

10. More cake at more weddings
9. We haven’t had an ugly or stupid one yet
8. Group discounts
7. They don’t all act like Clark
6. We still have baby clothes
5. The number nine is odd, and we aren’t
4. We haven’t used every name yet
3. Our town is too small
2. We’re scared to death of an empty nest
1. It’s too late not to

Baby TEN is due very near my 40th birthday at the end of February. We're hopeful for a leap year baby.



Anonymous said...

congrats!!!! how do you find time to do EVERYTHING with all the kids? I only have 2 and feel like I never have any time to do the things that I want to accomplish!
Ann G

Sarah said...

Congratulations!! You don't know me at all! lol:) I peek at your blog sometimes to see how your house is coming along... I saw your simple house plan when we were still building our house (or right after we moved in... I don't remember) and was interested in watching it go up:) Back into occasional lurkdom I shall go, but I just had to say CONGRATS!:) I love your Top Ten Reasons:D

Sarah said...

Oh, and our third is due at the very end of February too... definitely would be cool to have a baby on the 29th!

Julie Mc said...

What do you mean, you aren't odd??? Ha!

Can't wait to meet Zoey's newest cousin...
Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from your Nelson cousins in Kansas City! Melissa & Roger - we're thrilled for you and so proud of the wonderful family you've created. All our love and best wishes for another healthy (and beautiful) baby! Sheila, Jim, Uncle Meyer and Aunt Vanita.

Julie said...

What wonderful news!! Congratulations!!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news!!!

Amanda in RI

Natalia said...

I LOVE your top 10 list - and how your last reason just pops up there! LOL. I'm new here recently though I think I've followed you from Momys links before!


Anonymous said...

Say hi to #10 for me!!!