Sunday, September 02, 2007

Big Party, Ants in My Pots

The last week has been a blur of preparation and execution as Stephen’s graduation has take precedence over most of the activities of the household. For eight days Faith, Mitchell and Grace, pretty much on their own, took care of mowing our yard. You’re thinking this is no big deal, but it is seeing as how our grass was between three and five feet tall. Two weeks ago I took our riding mower in to get fixed. The engine would run, but the wheels would not turn. This was no big deal to fix and on Friday I got it home and started it up and the engine blew to pieces, literally. There were pieces of aluminum on the ground and mower decking. The best that we can figure, with help from our mower repair man, is that the mower is old and it did not react well to the hoppy, bumpy ride on the trailer.

Friday night Faith and I went to Abilene and we bought a new mower. Not a rider, but a string mower. This is a weed-eater with a big lawnmower engine and very thick string. Saturday morning Faith began mowing and over the next seven days the lawn was reclaimed. Last night the kids at the party for Stephen played kickball in the yard, a yard that only a week before was only good for a game of hide and seek.

The mowing, which was good for the party, had some unintended consequences. For example, the ants that lived in the yard 10 days ago are now taking up residence in the house. Lots and lots of ants and not just from one colony, either. There are little red ants, little black ants, big red ants, medium sized red and black ants and fire ants. I always wanted an ant farm. They crawl around the kitchen, the dining room and the bathrooms. Worst of all they crawled into Gloria’s crib and feasted on her. Boric acid seems to be getting the little buggers out, but not quickly.

The party was last night. We fed 55 people a combination of brisket, smoked pork, cole slaw, potato salad, beans, pasta salad, cake, tea, water and kool-aide. The watermelons went untouched and we are all thankful as this will allow us to feast on them after a summer without. The cookies also went untouched. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we got to visit with old friends from the Metroplex as well as new friends from out here. The highlight was the potato cannon Stephen’s graduation ceremony. It lasted about three minutes and ended with Weird Al Yankovick’s “White and Nerdy”, which is Stephen’s favorite song. Stephen knows I hate Weird Al, so I think it was a big surprise for him when the song blared out for the recessional for the ceremony.

One of our friends from the Metroplex brought a potato cannon and has left it with us for the next little while so that I can get the proper dimensions. This is exciting for a couple of reasons as I have wanted a potato cannon for a while and it means our friends will be coming back out to visit, if for no other reason than to get the cannon back.

If you were here last night, thanks for coming out. We’re looking forward to the next party we throw when we move into the new house. Not sure when that will be.


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Anonymous said...

I hate ants. I think if I had ants in my house, I would go live with my parents for a while!
By the way, tell your kids who did the mowing that they are going to be my models. I would NEVER mow. I just hire people.