Thursday, September 27, 2007

Catching up, a synopsis of September

Sorry, once again, for such a long absence. There has been a bunch of things going on and we will be telling more about them in the days ahead. In about 30 minutes we will leave to take Stephen to Abilene. He will then board a van, drive to Dallas, hang out some more and, finally, report to basic training. It has been such a blur in the last two days that he does not know where he is going to go for basic, yet. We will get a letter from him some time next week and that may be the first time we hear. I am sure Melissa will blog about this topic soon.

The house is moving along. Tomorrow Mitchell and I will begin installing drywall. The plumbing is almost completely done and today will be about getting the loose ends secured. Electrical is all done and where it is not a completed circuit it is simply waiting on an appliance to get attached. The cabinets have been purchased and are waiting to be installed. This will wait until we are done with the drywall.

On a sad note, our roofer died a couple of weeks ago. The roof is on and the problems are minor, but Johnny was a good guy and I enjoyed visiting with him. He was just getting going with a welding business and I was going to be able to help him get going with my regular job. He left a wife and some adult kids and grandkids behind and will be missed by all who knew him.

Joy, Clark and Claire are playing soccer. I am coaching Joy’s team. This was a horrible idea 12 years ago when I coached Stephen’s team. Different kid and older, wiser dad should make a difference this time.

More to come,


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I will pray for Stephen.